These are some of the non-narrative things I've written.

Review of the 1989 Toyota Supra GT
’89 Supra. Naturally aspirated. Automatic.
Those last two notes tend to disappoint most people thinking about Toyota Supras, or even performance cars in general. It’s so common that I’m at a Cars and Coffee or a weekend meet, and I’ll see someone walk up to my car, check it out because “hey, Supras are cool,” then look inside, realize it’s an automatic, and walk away with shattered hopes and dreams.
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Analysis of the popularity of the “Let’s Play” in Online Video and Streaming
Whether they’re playing kid friendly games like Minecraft and teaching younger viewers about creation and friendship, or making off-color jokes while mowing down opponents one after another in an giant, meme-filled battle to the death in games like Fortnite, these gamers have a tight grip on many of YouTube’s top spots, hold records for some of the most-viewed streams on, and draw massive crowds for live events in cities around the world... (Read More)

Aftermarket Modifications for the Toyota 86 Platform
The Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, and Toyota GT86 (collectively referred to as the Toyota 86) are fun, light coupes and come with a do-it-yourself gearbox, ticking all the boxes required for a Mazda Miata competitor. But what if it doesn’t quite settle you? What if you want more out of your ToyoBaru? Good news, there are plenty of ways to make your Toyota 86 faster, more nimble, and more unique. Here’s our recommendations for what to do first!.. (Read More)

Precision Turbocharger Installation Guide for Mustang Ecoboost
So you’ve got yourself a Mustang Ecoboost, the latest four-cylinder Mustang. Now, while that may sound like sacrilege, the good news is that it’s a hardy turbo four-cylinder similar to the one in the Ford Focus RS. There are lots of fun ways to juice things up, from intake and exhaust systems to tunes and high-performance turbochargers. That last one is what we’ll be tackling here... (Read More)

Overview of the Whiteline Grip Kit for Ford Focus ST
Hot hatchbacks place emphasis on being fun, fast, fun, and fun, all the while being able to carry your friends to a concert or take the dogs to the park. The Ford Focus ST is no exception. Since its launch in 2014, the MKIII Focus ST has been turning heads and lapping tracks hot in competition with the likes of the Golf GTI and Mazdaspeed 3. To take the already aggressive handling of your FoST to the next level, we recommend the WhiteLine Performance Grip Kit for 2014-18 Focus STs… (Read More)

Response to the Controversy of Diversity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
While some moments in the MCU could have been less heavy-handed and some character development choices could have been made differently, the Marvel films are based on epic sagas that have been around for decades. Marvel’s recent foray into diverse casting is not simply a cash grab that tokenizes minority characters to pander to minority audiences and ride the wave of recent social justice breakthroughs, but is in fact an expansion into the vast, existing pool of diverse characters and stories that can finally be realized by a general public more accepting of social differences and used to help spread the stories of those less fortunate... (Read More)

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