I love telling stories.


Jumpstart started life as a short story and is currently being developed as a screenplay. In this excerpt from the original short story, Ryan comes to terms with his reality, facing a stagnant relationship with hope (and fear).


Oracle is a feature-length sci-fi story following humanity’s search for knowledge amidst a universe of fear and misinformation. This excerpt from the treatment sets the scene for the introduction, taking place on the tail end of the Cold War.

Unmaking a Murder

Unmaking a Murder is a stage play inspired by the story of actor Todd Bridges’ 1989 arrest and charge for the murder of a Los Angeles drug dealer, represented in the case by high-profile defense attorney Johnnie Cochran. However, the play takes a different turn than the true story, using absurdist humor to make light of an awful situation. In this excerpt, Todd brings up the case with his legal representation for the first time.


Heartburn is a short film screenplay about a romance doomed to fail. However, incompatibility isn’t the issue: it’s death itself. In this excerpt, Sasha discuss the inevitability of mortality.

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